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HOYA CALENDAR AND UPCOMING EVENTS Happy New Moon The Sign Has Been Sighted on 06/07/2024
Shabbat/New Moon Service will be 06/08/2024 at 10:00am

We will be looking for the next sign of the New Moon on 07/06/2024 or 07/07/2024

Blow Up The Trumpet In The New Moon, In The Time Appointed On Our Solemn Feast Day HalleluYah!


  • There are only 29 or 30 days in a month (which is synonymous with the Hebrew word for moon) according to YAH's calendar. In addition, there are only two seasons in a year (i.e., Summer & Winter), and there may be 12 or 13 months in a year, depending upon when the green ear of barley (Abib) is seen in Jerusalem, which signifies the beginning of a New Year. For more information see Gen 1:14, Gen 8:22, Ex 12:1-2, Lev 23:5, Deut 33:13-14, 1Ki 6:37-38, 1Ki 8:1-2, 1Chr 23:27-31, 2Chr 2:1-4, Ezra 6:15,  Job 3:6, Job 39:1-2, Ps 19:1-2, Ps 81:3-4, Ps 104:19, Jer 8:7, Dan 2:20-22 & Zec 14:8 (KJV).

  • New Moon Service will be held at the HOY of Atlanta sanctuary on the first day of every month at a time to be announced.


    Week Day &/or Month Abbreviations

     Fir= First, Sec=Second, Thi=Third, Fou=Fourth, Fif=Fifth, Six=SIxth, Sev=Seventh, Eig=Eighth, Nin=Ninth, Ten=Tenth, Ele=Eleventh, Twe=Twelfth, Tht=Thirteenth

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