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King David - The Anointed of Yah

A Letter to the So-Called "African-American" Descendants of Slaves Who Believe in the New Testament Christ


messiah (greek origin) = anointed one


To My Beloved Hebrew Brothers & Sisters (African-American Descendants of Slaves),


One may ask, who is the anointed one chosen by YAH to rule over YisraEl? Well, guess what? It’s King David and not the New Testament (NT) Christ. See Psalm 18:50 and 89:19-37; King David is the MESSIAH. YAH plans to raise him up to be our King again, after Jacob/YisraEl’s trouble or days of captivity, as he said in Jeremiah 30: 8-10 (KJV). That’s right – YAH is going to raise King David up to reestablish his throne over us. He is the stem and branch of Jesse who has the spirit, wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and fear of The Most High (TMH) YAH (KJV, Isa 11:12). For those who say that won’t happen, YAH says in Jeremiah 33:24 to “consider you not what these people have spoken” (KJV). Furthermore, YAH said in Ezekiel 34:21-24 & Ezekiel 37:24-25 (KJV) that we are his flock and that he will set up his one servant David as shepherd over us and YAH will be our Elohim, and his servant David will be a prince among us and a king over us forever. YAH will then make a covenant of peace with us. PRAISE YAH!


YAH also said in Micah 5:2 (KJV) that the ruler of YisraEl would come forth to him out of Bethlehem Ephratah, out of the tribe of Judah. Ephratah means “fertility” and that was the name of Bethlehem in earlier days; both are often used jointly throughout scripture. The Father of Bethlehem is Salma (aka Salmon) and he is in King David’s ancestry (KJV, 1 Chr 2:5). King David, his father Jesse, his grandfather Obed and his great, great grandfather Boaz were all from Bethlehem (KJV, Ruth 4:13-22; 1 Sam 17:55-58). The patriarchal lineage from Abraham to King David is as follows:


Abraham → Isaac → Jacob/Israel → Judah → Pharez → Hezron → Ram → Amminadab → Nahshon → Salma → Boaz → Obed → Jesse → David

(KJV, 1 Chr 2:1-15)


Until such time that we are out of captivity, “the Children of YisraEl shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince, and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod and without teraphim” but afterwards, the Children of YisraEl will return to fear YAH and his goodness in the latter days and to seek YAH and David their king (KJV, Hos 3: 4-5).


King David is YAH’s anointed servant (KJV, 1 Sam 16:13; 2 Sam 5:3, 12:7; 1Chr 11:3) ONLY begotten, firstborn, chosen son (KJV, Ps 89:18-27) and blessed are those who put their trust in him (KJV, Ps 2:7). King David was anointed by the prophet Samuel over the House of Judah in YisraEl, after they buried King Saul (KJV, 1 Sam 16:13; 2 Sam 2:4). YAH said that he will make King David higher than the kings of the earth, and his seed shall endure forever, and his throne will be as the days of heaven (KJV, Psa 89:29). In 1 Chronicles 17:3-12 (KJV), YAH told his prophet Nathan to go tell King David that he will raise up his seed King Solomon to build a temple (i.e., Solomon’s Temple), and to establish his throne forever (KJV, 2 Sam 7:12). Solomon was born to King David while he reigned in Jerusalem (KJV, 2 Sam 5:14, 12:24), and he was anointed King of YisraEl by the priest Zadok and the Prophet Nathan (KJV, 1Ki 1:32-34).


It is well known that the book of Psalm was written by King David, as well as other psalmists. As per Psalm 72 (KJV), King David only wrote 72 of the 150 psalms. The remaining psalms were written by others; some known, some unknown. Psalm 110 (KJV), in particular, was written by an unknown psalmist who was speaking about a discussion YAH was having with King David. YAH told that psalmist’s Master King David to sit by his (i.e., YAH’s) right hand until he makes his enemies his footstool. YAH indicated that he has sworn and will not repent, and that King David is a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek (KJV, Gen 13:18). Some try to attribute this passage to a known wood idol (i.e., the NT Christ) who was never a priest or a ruling King over any nation, as in the order of Melchizedek and as so likened to King David. King David was YAH’s great warrior tasked to be the righteous ruler of YIsraEl (KJV, 2 Sam 7:8-9, 8, 10:17-19, 23:8-39; Isa 11:4-5).


In Isaiah 9:6-7 (Holy Name Bible), the prophet Isaiah (whose name means “God is my salvation”) is speaking to YAH during the days of Ahaz (i.e., David’s descendant) saying: 


For unto us a child is born [past tense], unto us a son is given [past tense]: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, of the Mighty Elohim, of The Father of Eternity; The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon His kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgement and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of Yahweh of hosts will perform this. 



Besides the fact that (a) YAH never speaks the name of the NT Christ anywhere in the Holy Scriptures, and (b) YAH has stated in all those multitude of Holy Scriptures that were quoted above that King David (from the tribe of Judah) is his only begotten, firstborn, chosen son, priest, prince, ruler, shepherd, king, and counselor and his seed (i.e., the Children of YisraEl) will reign forever. See further below more irrefutable detail which explains why the NT Christ is NOT from the seed of King David, and therefore cannot be YAH's anointed (i.e., messiah).


  • The Old Testament (OT) is the Holy Scriptures where YAH speaks. YAH said to seek out of his book only (KJV, Isa 34:16). Due to the fact that our ancestors did not, and this generation mostly still does not, honor YAH’s commandments, it is written in Ezekiel 20:25 (KJV) that YAH will allow some of us to be misled by false doctrines, statutes, etc. The first book that comes to mind with false statutes and doctrine is the NT, as it is full of idolatry and information that contradicts YAH’s words. For example, YAH emphatically states in multiple books and chapter verses in the OT that there is no savior or redeemer besides him (KJV, Deut 6:4; Jer 3:23; Isa 43:1,11 & 45:21; Neh 9:6; & Hos 13:4-6); yet ,all throughout the NT, the Christ of the gentile nations is proclaimed to be the savior of all mankind – YAH say NOT – and he is not a man that he should lie, nor the son of man that he should repent; if he said it, it is what it is (KJV, Num 24:19).

  • The word of YAH stands forever (KJV, Isa 40:8); therefore, the NT cannot replace, supplement, disregard, overturn, supersede or cancel out anything thus saith YAH in his Holy Scripures (aka OT).

  • All prophets did NOT prophesize the NT Christ as a messiah; yet, the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, and Micah prophesize about King David and what thus saith YAH concerning his everlasting rulership over us as king.

  • Men carry the seed and the lineage standard followed all throughout the Holy Scripture is a patriarchal (i.e., through the father) lineage and not through the mother (i.e., matriarchal). So, it’s highly unorthodox for the NT book of Luke (3:23-38) to use a matriarchal lineage to try and make their NT Christ "fit" in the genealogy as King David’s seed. In contrast, the woman conceives the seed of man (KJV, Lev 12:2).

  • Contrary to what NT believers might think, it is highly unlikely (and presumably an insult to The Most High YAH) to think that  he would condone violation of the sanctity of marriage by allowing Mary to be impregnated by some Holy Spirit (i.e., via “immaculate” conception) or any living being. As per the NT, Matthew 1:18 claims that Mary was betrothed or espoused to Joseph. Therefore, according to Hebrew customs and tradition, they were under a binding contract and considered married. Joseph was Mary’s husband and Mary was Joseph’s wife at the time they became espoused/betrothed.

  • That is why when Joseph supposedly found out that Mary was with child before they came together (i.e., consummated the marriage), he pondered divorcing her in secret (i.e., without it being known to the public). According to the law, Mary was an adulterer because she was with child who was NOT conceived with her husband Joseph’s seed. The unborn child was supposedly of the Holy Ghost, but Joseph did not know that until the angel Gabriel supposedely told him in a dream (KJV, Matt 1:18-22).

  • In contrast to what some NT believers claim, Joseph and Mary did NOT consummate the marriage before Mary supposedly conceived the NT Christ because it says in Matthew 1:25 (KJV) that Joseph “knew her not” until after the NT Christ was born and that is bible speak for having intercourse. Also, if their claim is correct, and Joseph did impregnate Mary the righteous way, why then would he consider divorcing her secretly as if she had violated the laws of adultery reflected in Numbers 5:2-15? That makes no sense. If he had become espoused to her, consummated the marriage with her, and she became pregnant (all in that righteous order), there would have been no need for him to divorce her, which he would have done as a righteous man who was obligated to follow the laws and traditions of that time.

  • It is claimed in Luke 1:32-37 (KJV) that before Mary was to conceive, she was informed by the angel Gabriel that she had found favor with “God” and would be endowed with the Holy Ghost to bring forth a messiah, and Mary asked how could that be if she has not known a man (i.e., she was supposedly a virgin still although she was already betrothed/espoused/married to Joseph). The NT further claims that the angel Gabriel first told her that all things were possible with “God” and then he told her about Elisabeth who was originally barren but was then six (6) months pregnant with “John the Baptist”. Well, Mary left in haste after finding out, and went to stay with Elisabeth for three (3) months before returning home (KJV, Luke 1:39 & 56), with no mention of seeing Joseph during that time.   

  • Furthermore, many NT believers attribute “Immanuel” from Isaiah 7:14 (KJV), to be none other than the prophecy of the NT Christ (KJV, Matt 1:23) born of the virgin Mary. However, Isaiah 7:14 is taken all out of context in this regard. Let me explain:

    • In this part of the book of Isaiah, the prophet Isaiah is speaking of YAH’s message to Ahaz, who is a descendant of David by way of Solomon (i.e., many generations before the birth of the NT Christ).

    • In this section of the book of Isaiah, Aram and YisraEl are trying to attack the House of Judah in Jerusalem (Note: This is when the two kingdoms of YisraEl and Judah were separate and fighting). YAH told Isaiah to go out to Ahaz and tell him to be calm, and do not fear because Aram and Israel will not succeed in battle against them. YAH told the prophet Isaiah to tell Ahaz to request a divine sign so he will know for sure of YAH’s intent to not let him be defeated by Aram and YisraEl. Ahaz told the prophet Isaiah that he would not request a sign and tempt YAH. The prophet Isaiah told Ahaz not to scorn YAH or him by NOT requesting a sign. The prophet then basically informed Ahaz that YAH will give him a divine sign anyway, and it will be that a young woman will become pregnant and bare a son and be divinely inspired to name him Immanuel.

    • If you read further down in Isaiah 8:3-8 (KJV), you will see that the prophet Isaiah “went unto” his prophetess wife, she conceived, and YAH originally told Isaiah to call him “Mahershalalhashbaz” but then spoke to Isaiah a second time and told him to call the child by his new divinely inspired name Immanuel.

    • On a side note, the NT Christ "virgin" Mary (for which the word "virgin" has been mistranslated and just means "young woman" in Hebrew) was called several things but never was she called a “prophetess” and so that should dispel any conjecture that the woman or prophetess that became conceived in Isaiah 8:3 (KJV) was Mary. The wife of a prophet (in this case Isaiah's wife), is also known as a prophetess.

In summary, the NT Christ is not from the direct lineage or seed of King David and is also not YAH’s Anointed One (aka Messiah); Instead, YAH's anointed is irrefutably King David himself. Isaiah 7-8 (KJV) has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the NT Christ. We must trust and believe in the prophets, as YAH said that he only reveals his secrets to them dan his servants (KJV, Amos 3:7). At a minimum there are 27 additional reasons why the NT Christ cannot be of King David’s patriarchal lineage through Joseph (as listed in KJV, Matt 1:1-17) or of matriarchal lineage through Mary (as listed in KJV, Luke 3:23-38), and those may be found in the attached PDF document. Please review that attachment and feel free to download and print for future reference.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us so we can discuss. Once you come into this truth, you will be mentally free of the captivity and idolatry of the gentile nations in the daughter of Baylon (i.e., the US) and beyond. We write all this in an effort to help YOU (i.e., a Hebrew Yisraelite) return back to YAH.



Todah Yah!!!




Your Hebrew Family













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